HighEdWeb is an association run by volunteers, and we’re so grateful to our committee members.

Annual Conference Committee

Please access the conference and program committee listing.

Academies Committee

  • Cheryl McKay, Co-Chair
  • Melissa Van De Werfhorst, Co-Chair
  • Amy Grace Wells, Content/UX Academy
  • Matt Herzberger, Leadership Academy
  • Karlyn Borysenko, Leadership Academy
  • Conny Liegel, communications

Link Journal

Please access theĀ staff listing.

Marketing and Communications Committee

  • Brendan Foley, Chair
  • Lougan Bishop
  • Colleen Brennan-Barry
  • Joel Goodman
  • Conny Liegel
  • Lacy Paschal
  • Jeff Stevens
  • Andrea Tripp
  • Natalie Brown
  • Tonya Oaks Smith

Membership Committee

  • Martin Sickafoose, Chair
  • Lougan Bishop
  • Lisa Catto
  • Joel Vertin

Regional Conferences Committee

  • Pat Brown, Chair
  • Jill Simpson-Owens
  • Matt Duncan
  • Melissa Breker
  • Beth Miller
  • Jared Thomas Meyer
  • Waylon Baumgardner

Safety and Inclusion Committee

  • Anne Petersen, Chair
  • Chris D’Orso
  • Kaitlyn Goodall
  • Kerri Hicks
  • Nikki Massaro Kauffman

Sponsorship Committee

  • Tonya Oaks Smith, Chair
  • Ben Rapin

Volunteer Committee

  • Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Chair
  • Aaron Knight
  • Lisa Catto
  • Jeff Stevens
  • George Sackett

Technical Committee

  • Jason Woodward, Chair
  • Mitch Canter
  • C. Daniel Chase
  • Rachel Cherry
  • Curtiss Grymala
  • Kerri Hicks
  • Jim Kittle
  • Stephanie Martinek
  • Lacy Paschal
  • John Wagner

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