Marketing and Communications Committee


To highlight the expertise of current membership by promoting association members as experts through the association’s social media channels and other online assets. The committee will also encourage — through internal communication — volunteerism in the form of committee participation as well as the sharing of professional resources, guidelines and personal knowledge between members.


  • The board shall appoint the chair and members of the committee.
  • The marketing and communications coordinator, social media manager and content developer of the Annual Conference Committee (and subcommittees) serve as ex officio members of this committee.
  • The committee may include non-director persons whose experience in marketing or communications may assist the committee in the performance of its duties.

Current members

  • Jacqueline Rowe, chair
  • Robert Heyser, board liaison
  • Alyssa Bergman
  • Jennifer Benike, membership liaison
  • Andrew Cassel, social media team lead
  • Joseph DiDomizio
  • Margaret Hair, Link liaison
  • Rebecka Hall, Academies liaison
  • Melissa Lesica, 2022 Annual Conference liaison
  • Michelle LoGerfo, storefront designer
  • Catherine Seraphine, nominating liaison
  • Laura Schlauderaff, safety, diversity and inclusion liaison
  • Jenna Spinelle, association/board liaison and newsletter coordinator
  • Jeff Stevens
  • Donna Talarico, membership liaison
  • Karyn Wendrow, volunteer liaison
  • Isaac Williams, educational events liaison
  • Rebekah Wright

Social Media Team

  • Andrew Cassel, social media team lead
  • Jeremy Cooper
  • Margaret Hair, Link Journal
  • Melissa Lesica, 2022 Annual Conference
  • Isaac Williams, 2022 Annual Conference
  • Catherine Seraphine
  • Hillary Smith, 2022 Accessibility Summit


The committee has no expressed or implied power or authority.


  • Develops guidelines and oversees consistent, effective communication aligned with the HighEdWeb mission and brand.
  • Manages editorial calendar for association emails and other communications.
  • Develops annual report.
  • Maintains the brand standards and defines the voice and tone of the organization.
  • Reviews and monitors the effectiveness of external and internal communications.
  • Develops and implements social media strategy (organic and paid) for the organization’s flagship accounts.
  • Manages non-conference advertising campaigns.

Social Media Team responsibilities

  • Led by a pair of co-captains who delegate assignments, oversee the work of other team members, and assist the chair with the hiring of new volunteers for the team. The ideal Team size (including the co-captains) is between four and six people.
  • Team members will manage a social media content calendar in partnership with the chair, create original content, find new ways to share existing (but still relevant) content, monitor social media for mentions of HighEdWeb and take action when necessary, and strive to amplify voices of HighEdWeb members across all social media channels where the Association is active.
  • Team members will also take an active role in the gathering of analytics across all social media channels and suggesting adjustments to strategy to improve engagement.
  • The Social Media Team reports to the HighEdWeb Marketing and Communications Committee. At least one co-captain will also serve on the committee to provide monthly updates, coordinate on communications projects with the committee chair, and collaborate with other members.
  • Team members should respond and engage with positive social media mentions in ways that are consistent with HighEdWeb’s voice and tone.
  • Team members should alert team captains of negative social media mentions before responding.
  • Team members at times will advise and implement social media strategy for other HighEdWeb committees.


  • Meets no fewer than 10 times per year, at the call of the chair of the committee.
  • Maintains minutes of all meetings.
  • Manages marcom email inbox.
  • Reviews this charter annually and recommends changes to the board of directors.
  • Follows association policies and procedures.
  • Establishes and maintains documentation about committee roles and procedures, including how this committee collaborates with others.
  • Communicates and collaborates with other committees and board of directors to accomplish association goals.
  • Provides quarterly updates to the board of directors.