About HighEdWeb


HighEdWeb educates digital professionals who work at higher education institutions. We provide educational materials and opportunities that develop knowledge, skills and abilities. As a result, we advance higher education.


HighEdWeb will be the premier international community of diverse digital professionals that’s strategically positioned to advance higher education through training and resources, and by fostering connections colleges and universities.

Board of Directors

  • Tom Wojciechowski portraitTom Wojciechowski
    Joined board in 2015
    Email · @TomWoj
    Daemen College
  • Glenn Donaldson portraitGlenn Donaldson
    Vice president
    Joined board in 2015
    Email · @GDonaldson
    The Ohio State University
  • Kerri Hicks portraitKerri Hicks
    Joined board in 2015
    Email · @kerri9494
    Brown University Library
  • Photo of Waylon Baumgardner portraitWaylon Baumgardner
    Joined board in 2017
    Email · @WaylonRobert
    California Baptist University
  • Lisa Catto portraitLisa Catto
    Joined board in 2018
    Western Oregon University
  • Aaron Knight portraitAaron Knight
    Joined board in 2018
  • Nikki Massaro Kauffman portraitNikki Massaro Kauffman
    Joined board in 2017
    Penn State University
  • Ben Rapin portraitBen Rapin
    Joined board in 2019
    Grand Valley State University
  • Martin Sickafoose portraitMartin Sickafoose
    Joined board in 2015
    Purdue University
  • Robin Smail portraitRobin Smail
    Joined board in 2019
    Penn State University
  • Jeff Stevens portraitJeff Stevens
    Joined board in 2018
    University of Florida Health
  • Jackie Vetrano portraitJackie Vetrano
    Joined board in 2019
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



  • 1999 HighEdWeb started as a strategic alliance of web professionals in New York state higher education.
  • 2004 HighEdWeb joined forces with WebDevShare, a successful international conference for web development in higher education, transforming the group into an international organization.
  • 2006 The Higher Education Web Professionals Association became an incorporated, non-profit, professional society.
  • 2009 The Association’s first official regional conference is held at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.
  • 2011 LINK: the Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals is launched.
  • 2012 HighEdWeb announces the inaugural class of the Leadership Academy.
    The Higher Education Web Professionals Association announces official levels of Association membership.
  • 2015 HighEdWeb announces the inaugural class of the Technical Academy and Integrated Marketing Academy (now Content/UX Academy).

Code of Conduct

The HighEdWeb community is awesome, and we want to keep being awesome for everyone involved. Just a reminder of what you already know: HighEdWeb is dedicated to working toward a harassment-free community experience for everyone, regardless of factors such as sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, class, age or faith. Learn more about our Code of Conduct.