About HighEdWeb

Our mission: to educate digital professionals who work at higher education institutions.

We provide educational materials and opportunities that develop knowledge, skills and abilities. As a result, we advance higher education.

We focus on the digital issues facing colleges and universities, so you’ll be ready to help your school achieve its goals. Regardless of where you work in higher education — IT, marketing, admissions, advancement or academics — we welcome you to the HighEdWeb community.


HighEdWeb is a volunteer-powered association. We are governed by a Board of Directors that guides several committees. We welcome volunteers to get involved.

Inclusion statement

HighEdWeb fosters an inclusive dialogue around existing and emerging topics in higher education. We welcome you, whoever you may be, to contribute in a safe way and help our community grow. 

We respect our colleagues’ identities and work to create inclusive environments on and offline for people of all abilities.

We strive to reduce barriers to participation. If you feel that there is something preventing you from feeling fully included in our community’s events and spaces, please let us know. 

Our priority is to ensure that all feel safe and we expect members and other association participants to treat one another with respect at in-person and digital events, in our community forum, and in all other HighEdWeb-affiliated spaces. Should an event occur that makes you feel unsafe, please report it via the confidential hotline (339-364-3932) or the incident report form.



HighEdWeb starts as a strategic alliance of web professionals in New York state higher education.


HighEdWeb joins forces with WebDevShare, a successful international conference for web development in higher education, transforming the group into an international organization.


The Higher Education Web Professionals Association becomes a nonprofit corporation.


Cornell University and the University of Missouri host the first regional conferences.


HighEdWeb announces the inaugural class of the Leadership Academy.

The Association releases official levels of membership.


HighEdWeb announces the inaugural class of the Technical Academy and Integrated Marketing Academy (now Content/UX Academy).


The Association hires its first employee.


HighEdWeb begins offering institutional membership to colleges and universities.


The Association begins offering the Accessibility Summit and Community Groups.

It also hosts the Annual Conference completely online for the first time.


HighEdWeb begins offering the Analytics Summit.

The Association’s nonprofit status evolves to 501(c)(3).


Watch parties start for paid members.

The Association hires its second employee.

The Leadership Academy transitions to an online format where graduates earn a microcredential.