Membership Committee


The Membership Committee advances membership growth, retention and benefits.


The committee has no expressed or implied governing power or authority. As an Association committee, the committee reports to the executive director.


  • The executive director shall appoint the chair and members of the committee. The executive director will follow the volunteer recruitment process to select a chair.
  • The committee may include non-director persons whose experience may assist the committee in the performance of its duties. The committee chair will follow the volunteer recruitment process and recommend members to the executive director for appointment.

Membership Committee members

  • Sara Clark, interim chair and executive director
  • Laura Barr, job board manager
  • Kathleen Callahan, assistant executive director
  • Josh Charles
  • Julie Duersch, watch party organizer
  • Jenny Martin, social media support
  • Jessica Pontarelli, marketing support
  • Kristin Gasser, watch party organizer
  • Vanessa Langdon, Slack community manager
  • Shelley Keith-Panulla, Slack community manager
  • Mark Nakamura, job board manager
  • Brian Piper, Community Group Subcommittee chair

Community Groups Subcommittee members

  • Brian Piper, chair and AI Community Group leader
  • Brooke Bailey, Accessibility Community Group leader
  • Tiffany Broadbent Beker, Management and Leadership Community Group leader
  • Sarah Cruickshank, Analytics Community Group leader
  • Darren Denham, Accessibility Community Group leader
  • Dayana Kibilds, Email Marketing Community Group leader
  • Chris D’Orso, Social Media Community Group leader
  • Jacqueline Rowe, Email Marketing Community Group leader
  • Jeff Sechler, video editor
  • Tim Senft, Digital Governance Community Group leader
  • Dave Tyler, Social Media Community Group leader


  • Manages and evaluates membership model, including requirements, levels, benefits and pricing. Reviews model at least annually and recommends changes to the board.
  • Implements, maintains and assesses a plan to increase membership, including institutional memberships.
  • Implements, maintains and assesses the HighEdWeb ambassadors program, including eligibility, role definition, best practices and regional integration with Association promotion efforts.
  • Supports members by answering and resolving membership questions and issues.
  • Implements, maintains and assesses membership benefits, in coordination with staff and other committees.
  • Manages and promotes community discussion groups.
  • Manages and promotes usage of the job board
  • Grows and nurtures a vibrant online community of members within the HighEdWeb Slack workspace, and manages new member additions
  • Post annual conference recordings and resources to the membership community.
  • Tracks and monitors member satisfaction, including by conducting an annual member survey and reporting its results to the board.

Community Groups Subcommittee responsibilities

  • Plans regular community group online engagement opportunities, such as webinars, panels or meetups.
  • Facilitates community group discussions in associated Slack channels.
  • Plans and leads the in-person community group discussions at the Annual Conference. 
  • Manages community group projects (such as content development).
  • Promotes and markets community groups in coordination with the Marketing and Communications Committee.
  • Reviews community group surveys annually and adapts groups as needed to meet community needs.
  • Maintains a community group leader handbook to support and advise community group leaders.
  • Works within the overall events model.


  • Meets no fewer than 10 times per year, at the call of the chair of the committee.
  • Maintains minutes of all meetings.
  • Manages membership email inbox.
  • Reviews this charter annually and recommends changes to the executive director.
  • Follows association policies and procedures.
  • Establishes and maintains documentation about committee roles and procedures, including how this committee collaborates with others.
  • Communicates and collaborates with other committees and Association staff to accomplish Association goals.
  • Provides monthly updates to the executive director through the committee chair.