HighEdWeb runs on the support of dedicated volunteers like you. We would appreciate your time and talents to help us further our organization in supporting web and digital professionals in higher education.

Our volunteer roles range from short-term gigs at the annual conference to long-term committee positions, all the way up to president of the association.

Options for volunteering

There are a couple of ways to get involved. You can either apply for a specific volunteer role, or make a profile listing your skills and interests to be considered for future rules.

Apply for a specific role

  1. Review open committee positions and volunteer jobs.
  2. Sign up to be a volunteer.
  3. Update your volunteer profile to specifically list your interest in the position and skills related to it.

Make yourself available for future opportunities

  1. Sign up to be a volunteer.
  2. Complete your profile to indicate your skills and interests. Your profile will be considered for future volunteer needs.

As we get closer to specific conferences, we’ll also put out requests for volunteer shifts at those events.

Grow with HighEdWeb

As volunteer, you’ll gain experience with different responsibilities — and have opportunity to learn new skills.

Earn rewards

Plus, you’ll earn points for HighEdWeb volunteer rewards.

Thank you for helping make HighEdWeb such a great organization!

Questions? Contact volunteer@highedweb.org.