Higher Education Web Professionals
is just too much for one breath…
Call us HighEdWeb for short.
  • HighEdWeb is an organization of Web professionals working at institutions of higher education. We design, develop, manage and map the futures of higher education websites.
  • Our mission: to advance Web professionals, technologies and standards in higher education.
  • Established in November of 1999 among scores of colleges and universities in New York state, we have expanded our vision and welcome similar professionals from across the nation and across the globe.
  • HighEdWeb 2017 Annual Conference: Oct. 8-11, 2017, in Hartford, Connecticut

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Get to know the HighEdWeb Board

If you’ve met our board members, you know they are an interesting and eclectic bunch. But how well do you really know them? Test that knowledge by matching the board member to a little-known or quirky fact about their life. Read each fact, and choose

Groundbreaking WordPress survey for higher ed

A NOTE from HighEdWeb: Recently, in service to our core mission “to advance web professionals, technologies and standards in higher education,” HighEdWeb has entered into a partnership with WPCampus, a community dedicated to the use of WordPress in higher ed (more on that partnership soon!).

The Road to HighEdWeb 2016

Hey, y’all. Welcome to what I hope will be a continuing series in LINK focused on our road to HighEdWeb 2016. My name is @marleysmom, and I’ll be your tour guide (and conference chair/leader) this year. I’m incredibly proud to have been given the responsibility

HighEdWeb Welcomes Sickafoose to Board of Directors

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association (HighEdWeb) is pleased to welcome Martin Sickafoose to its Board of Directors. Martin Sickafoose has over 25 years of creative and digital experience, the last ten of which have been spent at Purdue University. He is the director of

HighEdWeb Announces New Committee Chairs

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association is pleased to welcome the following new committee chairs: Membership Committee: The Membership Committee manages the administration of the Association’s membership program, implements and expands member benefits, and is the voice of the Association’s members. Jacob Dolan – co-chair,

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