Safety, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


The Safety, Diversity and Inclusion Committee makes recommendations, educates, and informs the Association about best practices and methods to foster a safe, equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment. Leads response to or advises on Code of Conduct responses.


The committee has no expressed or implied power or authority. The committee serves in an advisory role to the Board of Directors.


  • The board shall appoint the chair and members of the committee.
  • The safety and inclusion coordinators for events serve as ex officio members of this committee.
  • The president shall appoint one director as the board liaison. The board liaison is a non-voting member of the committee.
  • The committee may include non-director persons whose experience may assist the committee in the performance of its duties.

Current members

  • Michelle Tarby, chair
  • Christian Santillo, board liaison
  • Mark H. Anbinder, 2022 Accessibility Summit
  • Natalie Brown Allen
  • Ashi Franke
  • Kaitlyn Goodall
  • David Dashifen Kees
  • Rachell Underhill


  • Stewards the Association’s Code of Conduct, including considering and drafting any changes for discussion and approval by the Board.
  • Leads response to or advises on Code of Conduct responses and other aspects of community safety and abuse prevention (depending on the venue of response required).
  • Shepherds HighEdWeb on problems, opportunities and potential changes affecting inclusion within our organization and activities, and on appropriate prioritization of initiatives in this area.
  • Collaborates with other committees to improve representation of underrepresented groups in Association membership and leadership.
  • Assesses inclusion of underrepresented groups in Association membership and leadership.
  • Proactively recommends actions to improve safety and inclusion within the Association and at Association events, including in-person events, virtual events and online spaces.
  • Offers advice and leadership to the Board and other committees on issues of diversity (including race and ethnicity), equity and inclusion.
  • Develops and maintains the diversity and inclusion plan for the Association.


  • Meets no fewer than 10 times per year, at the call of the chair of the committee.
  • Maintains minutes of all meetings.
  • Manages safety email inbox.
  • Reviews this charter annually and recommends changes to the board of directors.
  • Follows Association policies and procedures.
  • Establishes and maintains documentation about committee roles and procedures, including how this committee collaborates with others.
  • Communicates and collaborates with other committees and board of directors to accomplish Association goals.
  • Provides quarterly updates to the Board of Directors.