HighEdWeb is proud to partner with nonprofit organizations that help advance higher education.

Guidelines for partnerships

HighEdWeb will consider all requests for partnership, promotion or other involvement from other organizations provided they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Sponsoring organization must be a non-profit in or directly related to the higher education sector.
  • Sponsoring organization and event must be governed by a robust Code of Conduct, which will be provided to the HighEdWeb Board of Directors.
  • Event must not be held within three months of a HighEdWeb annual conference, or within six months of an upcoming HighEdWeb annual conference in a location within 60 miles of the event.
  • A member of the HighEdWeb Board of Directors is willing to serve as liaison with the event and organization.
  • Organization promises reciprocal promotion for HighEdWeb events, including but not limited to distributing HighEdWeb marketing materials and sending HighEdWeb promotional emails to event attendees. If possible, this should include a table in the sponsor area for promotion.
  • Organization should provide at least one free registration to the event for a representative of HighEdWeb.

After the event, the sponsoring organization will share a list of attendees with HighEdWeb — to be added to the membership distribution list but not as premium members.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please email with a proposal.