2021 Annual Report

Note: The next Annual Report is planned for early 2024. It will be a two-year report covering 2022 and 2023.

The mission of HighEdWeb is to educate digital professionals who work at higher education institutions.

Our approach

We accomplish our mission by providing educational resources and opportunities that develop knowledge, skills and abilities, all with a focus on the digital issues facing colleges and universities.

Professional development

We provide opportunities for higher education digital professionals to learn and grow through conferences, workshops and on-demand access to recorded sessions.


We offer opportunities to connect with HighEdWebbers on an ongoing basis, through our Slack workspace, community group discussions and other networking events.

Advancing higher education

HighEdWeb offers its members resources and opportunities that benefit their institutions.

Our values

Our core values provide the foundation for how HighEdWeb operates.


We are ethical in our decision-making. We strive for transparency in our actions.


We embrace open access to knowledge and resources. We value and respect the contributions and feedback of our members. We seek diversity and promote inclusion.


We encourage collaboration over competitiveness. We foster a culture of service within the organization.


HighEdWeb membership connects a community of professionals to share knowledge, resources, and experiences. We welcome everyone involved in the digital efforts at a college or university. Membership options include individual and institutional pricing. There is also a free option for faculty and staff.


Total members


Institutional members


Colleges and universities represented by members

College and university members

HighEdWeb has institutional members from the United States and Canada. Faculty, staff and students of these institutions receive paid member benefits at no additional cost.

Map of 29 HighEdWeb 2021 institutional members
  1. Arizona State University
  2. Belmont University
  3. Bemidji State University
  4. Cedarville University
  5. Daemen College
  6. Eastern Kentucky University
  7. Grambling State University
  8. Grand Valley State University
  9. Grinnell College
  10. Harvard University
  11. King’s University College at Western University Canada
  12. Lasell University
  13. Lorain County Community College
  14. Louisiana Tech University
  15. McHenry County College
  16. National Park College
  17. Penn State University
  18. Peru State College
  19. Providence College
  20. Roosevelt University
  21. Saint John Fisher College
  22. Soka University of America
  23. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
  24. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  25. University of Hartford
  26. University of Kentucky
  27. University of Rhode Island
  28. Upstate Medical University
  29. Virginia Military Institute

(Membership list from December 30, 2021. Access the current list of institutional members.)

From our members

The value of individual membership:

HighEdWeb is worth it.
The conference and summits are a rare chance to network and brush up on skills specific to your challenges in higher ed while also gaining inspiration to try new things instead of doing it the way you’ve always done it.
Mackenzie Huber
Associate director of digital communications for Lawrence University
It’s been a great way to connect with others in the postsecondary world.
It’s been a great way to learn about new trends and gather new ideas — all in an affordable way that upper management can get behind!
Elizabeth Glaseman
Marketing manager for Assiniboine College
It is really nice to be able to connect with others around the country that are facing the same challenges and learn from them.
I have been to marketing conferences, web development conferences and higher ed conferences but having a number of resources that are all dedicated to higher ed marketing and web development is much more helpful.
Scott Kadera
Director of web development for Fort Lewis College

The value of institutional membership:

Across the university, there are over a thousand digital communicators who can now take advantage of all member benefits.
But especially the Professional Development Library — access to previous conference presentations and materials.
Aaron Baker
Associate director of content strategy for Harvard University


HighEdWeb continues to offer quality events annually that provide professional development and networking opportunities. The events include an annual conference, one-day summits and community group discussions.


events hosted



From the evaluations

Indulging my inner nerd!

One session down, and I’m already feeling the information overload. Yay for data!
2021 Analytics Summit attendee

The summit was very good overall.

I got a lot of great information and resources that I will be using.
2021 Accessibility Summit attendee

I liked everything about this conference.

I guess if I have to choose my favorite thing — is that every single presentation was relevant to something I’m working on…or have dealt with in the past.
2021 Annual Conference attendee

Professional Development Library

Paid members of HighEdWeb have on-demand access to professional development resources. This includes all recordings of conference sessions.


Sessions added in 2021


HighEdWeb operates on volunteer power. We value and appreciate our volunteers, who share their expertise and knowledge as presenters, committee members, session moderators and more.


total volunteers


hours volunteered

From our volunteers

I am very proud of the programming variety and quality that we were able to host in 2021.

I am a second-time volunteer as programming chair for the HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit. My involvement has benefited me professionally primarily by expanding my network, but this experience has also been my most comprehensive exposure to how a summit of this scale is hosted. Working with HighEdWeb has prepared me to better host digital events at my own organization, and I look forward to utilizing those skills!
Lindsey Sneed
Accessibility specialist for The University of Mississippi

HighEd Web is a wonderful organization run by amazing people!

My role as design coordinator has allowed me to meet incredible people from all over the country and see their amazing talents in action. I was very nervous to take on new tasks that are outside of my comfort zone, but when I did, everyone was very generous and took their time to explain how things work.
Veronica Adinegara
Assistant director of creative services – design for Missouri State University

I’ve always been impressed with the dedication and contributions of the volunteer community.

I joined the HighEdWeb Membership Committee as the job board manager. It has been a rewarding experience donating my time and efforts in helping HighEdWeb succeed in its core mission that has also allowed me to further develop new professional and personal connections.
Mark Nakamura
Web manager for Stanford University
  • Sven Aas, Mount Holyoke College
  • Veronica Adinegara, Missouri State University
  • Josie Ahlquist, Dr. Josie Ahlquist
  • Elana Altman, Barnard College
  • Mark H. Anbinder, Cornell University
  • Holly Anderson, University of Oklahoma
  • Steve App, Campus Sonar
  • Khaled Arnaout, Harvard University
  • Adam Arrowood, Georgia Tech
  • Aaron Baker, Harvard University
  • Beatriz Barreto Saalfeld, The University of Edinburgh
  • Waylon Baumgardner, California Baptist University
  • Jody Benedict, Cornell University
  • Jennifer Benike, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • Blake Bertuccelli, Edupack
  • Jess Berube, Capacity Interactive
  • Joseff Betancourt, Modern Language Association
  • Lougan Bishop, Belmont University
  • Jennifer Bland, University of Mississippi
  • Christine Boehler, Harvard University
  • Erika Boltz, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Krista Boniface, University of Toronto
  • Colleen Brennan-Barry, Northeast College of Health Sciences
  • Natalie Brown Allen, OHO Interactive
  • Ashley Budd, Cornell University
  • Darron Bunt, Campus Sonar
  • Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington
  • Bridget Burke, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • David Cameron, ICF Next
  • Lisa Catto, Western Oregon University
  • Adam Chaboryk, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
  • Joshua Charles, Rutgers University-Newark
  • C. Daniel Chase
  • Janice Cheng-McConnell, Syracuse University
  • Rachel Cherry, WPCampus
  • Georgy Cohen, OHO Interactive
  • Amy Cole, University of Arkansas
  • Rachel Comerford, Macmillan Learning
  • Garrett Conti, University of Dayton
  • Christy Cousino, Montana State University
  • Susan Craigo, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • Chris D’Orso, SUNY College at Brockport
  • John Dailey, Northwest Missouri State University
  • Matthew DeLoach, University of Mississippi
  • Bri Diaz, University of Connecticut
  • Alison Diefenderfer, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Jeff Dillon, University of California-San Diego
  • Joshua Dodson, VisionPoint Marketing
  • Glenn E. Donaldson Jr., Ohio State University
  • Catherine Donnelly, University at Buffalo
  • Adam Erickson, Four Kitchens
  • Alan Etkin, British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Simon Fairbanks, University of Nottingham
  • Noel Fisher, OHO Interactive
  • Katherine Fisne, American Public University
  • Brianne Fleming, University of Florida
  • Brendan, Morehead-Cain Foundation
  • Ashi Franke, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Kristin Gasser, Arizona State University
  • Rebecca George-Burrs, University of Minnesota
  • William Gill, University at Albany
  • Paul Gilzow, Platform.sh
  • Morgan Goff, West Virginia University
  • Kaitlyn Goodall, Montana State University
  • Mark Greenfield, University at Buffalo
  • Liz Gross, Campus Sonar
  • Laurie Gyalog, Red Hat
  • Donna Habersaat, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Karen Hackett, Penn State University
  • Rachael Hagerstrom, Smith College
  • Margaret Hair, University of Kansas
  • Joni Halabi, Georgetown University
  • Rebecka Hall, Old Dominion University
  • Kristin Hanson, Kristin Hanson Writes
  • Alexa Heinrich, St. Petersburg College
  • Mike Henderson, NewCity
  • Mike Herchel, Lullabot
  • Matt Herzberger, Purdue University
  • Robert Heyser, Tarrant County College
  • Kerri Hicks, Providence College
  • Randy Hollowell, Miami University-Oxford
  • Sarah Horton, University of Southampton
  • Mackenzie Huber, Lawrence University
  • Todd James, Modern Campus
  • John Jameson, Princeton University
  • Elizabeth Jenike, Miami University-Oxford
  • Erin Jorgensen, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Laura Keenan, Augustana College
  • David Dashifen Kees, Georgetown University
  • Meg Keniston, St. Lawrence University
  • Dayana Kibilds, Pickle Jar Communications
  • Aaron Knight, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  • Deborah Kohl, University of Baltimore
  • Sandra Koranteng, Mindgrub Technologies
  • Jeff Koslofsky, University of Rochester
  • Jen Kramer, JenKramer.org
  • Dan Laird, SUNY College at Oswego
  • Maria Laitan, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Chris Lastovicka, Cornell University
  • Jesse Lavery, University of Mary Washington
  • Erika Lee, Indiana University
  • John Lee, California Polytechnic State University
  • Melissa Lesica, Harvard University
  • Sarah Lewthwaite, University of Southampton
  • Jenny Li Fowler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Carolyn Lister, Arizona State University
  • Lo Magee, University of Mississippi
  • Sandy Manor, Northland Pioneer College
  • Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Penn State University
  • Emily Masters, University at Albany
  • Sarah Maxell Crosby, OHO Interactive
  • Christopher McComas, Marshall University
  • Keith McGuffey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Greg McMullen, Xavier University
  • Michael Miles, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Molly Miles, University of Rochester
  • Beth Miller, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Andrea Mostyn, Missouri State University
  • LaTonya Motley, Northland Pioneer College
  • David Myers, Drexel University
  • Mark Nakamura, Stanford University
  • Tim Nekritz, SUNY College at Oswego
  • Jodi Neufeld, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
  • Lisa Nguyen, University of California-Davis
  • Chris Nichols, New York University
  • Sylvia Nicosia, Farmingdale State College
  • Arbazz Nizami, Claremont Lincoln University
  • Will Noble, Squiz
  • Sean O’Connor
  • Kelly O’Foran, OHO Interactive
  • Lori Packer, University of Rochester
  • Lacy Paschal, Vanderbilt University
  • Joyce Peralta, McGill University
  • Kate Percival, SUNY College at Oswego
  • Carrie Phillips, Arkansas Tech University
  • Brian Piper, University of Rochester
  • JP Rains, Laurentian University
  • Ben Rapin, Grand Valley State University
  • Aaron Rester, Roosevelt University
  • Marty Romero, Central Washington University
  • Jacqueline Rowe, Stony Brook University
  • Erik Runyon, University of Notre Dame
  • George Sackett, St. Louis Community College
  • Christian Santillo, College of the Holy Cross
  • Carmen Schafer, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Laura Schlauderaff, Tarrant County College
  • Jeff Sechler, Penn State University
  • Eric Sembrat, Georgia Tech
  • Catherine Seraphin, Harvard University
  • Danielle Sewell, York College of Pennsylvania
  • Carolyn Shannon, Pantheon
  • Alice Shapiro, Penn State University
  • Andy Shearouse, Augustana College
  • Tracy Shipp, University of Memphis
  • Andrew Shooner, University of Kentucky
  • Martin Sickafoose, Purdue for Life Foundation
  • Janell Sims, Harvard University
  • Amanda Smith, Illinois State University
  • Hillary Smith, Clemson University
  • Lindsey Sneed, University of Mississippi
  • Caryn Sobieski-VanDelinder, University at Buffalo
  • Brenden Sparks, San Jose State University
  • Adam Spencer, AbleDocs
  • Jenna Spinelle, Penn State University
  • Curt Squires, University of Minnesota
  • Jon-Stephen Stansel, Stansel Social Media Services
  • Mike Steffel, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
  • Jeff Stevens, University of Florida
  • Jeremy Streich, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Heidi Strohl, McGill University
  • Robin Sullivan, University at Buffalo
  • Justin Sumner, University of Kentucky
  • Donna Talarico, Stories & Such/Hippocampus Magazine
  • Michelle Tarby, Le Moyne College
  • Crystal Tenan, NC State University
  • RJ Thompson, University of Pittsburgh
  • Terrill Thompson, University of Washington
  • Jeremy Tiers, Tudor Collegiate Strategies
  • Andrea Tripp, University of Southern Maine
  • Doug Tschopp, Augustana College
  • Allison Turcio, Siena College
  • Rachell Underhill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Kyle Unzicker, Modern Tribe
  • Kristin Van Dorn, University of Minnesota
  • Cherie van Putten, Binghamton University
  • Joel Vertin, Michigan Tech
  • Jackie Vetrano, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Jaymi Victor, Peru State College
  • Leah Villa, University of Minnesota
  • Joseph Vugteveen, Grand Valley State University
  • John Wagner, Princeton University
  • Gale Wallace, Pantheon
  • Maren Walz, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Lori Waters, California Polytechnic State University
  • Kathryn Weber-Hottleman, Deque Systems, Inc.
  • Curtis Wech, Wisconsin Lutheran College
  • Amy Grace Wells, 10up
  • Karyn Wendrow, SUNY Oneonta
  • Desiree White, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
  • Mark Whittaker, Southern Utah University
  • Isaac Williams, Daemen College
  • John Williams, Ozmo
  • Tom Wojciechowski, Daemen College
  • Jason Woodward, State & Plain
  • Rebekah Wright, Southwest Baptist University
  • Eric Yarberry, World Services for the Blind
  • Andres Zapata, idfive
  • Daniel Zhang, McGill University

New initiatives

HighEdWeb continually seeks to grow and improve the resources and opportunities we offer.

Strategic plan set for 2021-23

The board approved a strategic plan to guide the association through 2023. In everything that we do, HighEdWeb considers diversity, equity and inclusion as well as financial responsibility. With that in mind, our goals include increasing membership and access to member resources, ensuring community awareness of offerings and providing meaningful opportunities for engagement.

First Analytics Summit held

HighEdWeb hosted its first Analytics Summit on April 29, 2021. This event was facilitated online and focused on utilizing web analytics more effectively in higher education. Topics addressed included Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, social metrics, email metrics and SEO. The second Analytics Summit will be held in April 2022.

Member discounts to events

Paid memberships now have the benefit of receiving discounts ranging from $10-50 off registration for events including the Accessibility Summit, Analytics Summit and Annual Conference. Additional discounts are offered at select regional events.

Educational events model to guide operations

Professional development options continue to grow for HighEdWeb members. The Accessibility Summit, Analytics Summit and community groups are examples of some of the recent additions. To ensure the training meets higher education’s needs and the Association’s quality standards, we created an operational model to guide the event planning. HighEdWeb will revisit this model annually and update with lessons learned and industry trends.

Monthly e-newsletter launched

In August 2021, the HighEdWeb marketing and communications committee launched a monthly e-newsletter to provide members with regular board updates, highlights from the Link Journal, links to podcasts and other digital resources, and event reminders.

Free institutional memberships for HBCUs

HighEdWeb — and the higher education community — is at its best when a broad range of ideas are shared and understood. To create a pathway for a more diverse community, the Association invites accredited HBCUs to become institutional members at no cost through 2030.


What sets the HighEdWeb Association apart is that our community is so much more than its Annual Conference.

It’s really about the people and how they stay connected throughout the year on Slack, through sharing resources, through community discussions, through volunteering and more. With the help of our volunteers, expect more opportunities for connection in 2022 and beyond.
Nikki Massaro Kauffman
HighEdWeb president

Board of Directors

Nikki Massaro Kauffman

Nikki Massaro Kauffman, president

Instructional experience designer for Penn State University
Elected president in 2021.

Aaron Knight

Aaron Knight, vice president

Supervisor of information systems development for SUNY ESF
Elected vice president in 2021.

Ben Rapin

Ben Rapin, treasurer

Chief technology officer for Grand Valley State University

Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen, secretary

Executive director of marketing and communications for UC Davis College of Engineering
New board member and elected secretary in 2021.

Waylon Baumgardner

Waylon Baumgardner

Adjunct professor of computer information technology for California Baptist University

Chris D'Orso

Chris D’Orso

Associate director of admissions for SUNY Brockport
New board member in 2021.

Robert Heyser

Robert Heyser

Director of web communications for Tarrant County College
New board member in 2021.

Brian Piper

Brian Piper

Director of content strategy and assessment for University of Rochester
New board member in 2021.

Christian Santillo

Christian Santillo

Web communications director for College of the Holy Cross
New board member in 2021.

Jackie Vetrano

Jackie Vetrano

Assistant director of prospect management and marketing for UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Sara Clark

Sara Clark

Operations director for HighEdWeb Association


HighEdWeb has a strong financial foundation and is in a good position to continue meeting the learning needs of our community.

Generated revenue provides seed funding for new events and member benefits. That profit also provides a financial safety net for uncertain times.


HighEdWeb truly appreciates the support of our sponsors and our Association partner. Their support allows us to continue offering resources and events that are affordable for our members. These organizations provided support for our 2021 events and activities.

Global sponsors

These companies provided year-round support in 2021:

Individual event sponsors

These companies supported one event in 2021:

Association partner

This nonprofit organization is an official partner of the HighEdWeb Association: