Regional Meetups

HighEdWeb supports meetups at universities and colleges. We invite you to attend for some great sessions and networking.

Attend a regional meetup

No meetups are currently scheduled. Review all events.

Organize a regional meetup

Want to stay connected to the HighEdWeb community, and support members in your area be providing great, easy, affordable professional development?

Apply to organize a Regional Meetup

Our regional meetups were created with several goals in mind:

  • Providing continuing education at a reasonable cost for more individuals.
  • Giving regional presenters the opportunity to share knowledge.
  • Acquainting new individuals with the benefits of HighEdWeb membership and connection with the community.

The requirements to organize a meetup are simple:

  • Event duration would be two to three hours.
  • A university or college, or other location, would provide event space use free of charge (to be arranged by organizer).
  • Agenda would focus on networking time and one main presentation (given by one presenter or a small panel, to be identified by organizer).
  • Speaker or speakers require no travel reimbursement.
  • HighEdWeb will provide branded materials and guidance, as well as light logistics support, for the event.