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The clock is ticking – only ONE day left of HighEdWeb 2014 early bird registration! Sure, we’ll keep registration open as long as there are seats available, but when you register during the early bird period (aka: by the end of tomorrow, Thursday, July 31), you save $125 off the full conference rate. So don’t delay — register now!

Dr. Moira GunnMonday Keynote: NPR’s Dr. Moira Gunn

Need a world-renowned reason to hit up #heweb14? Well, let us share this: HighEdWeb is pleased to announce that Dr. Moira Gunn (@biotechnation) will deliver the Annual Conference’s opening keynote address on Monday, October 20.

The first woman to earn a doctorate in mechanical engineering at Purdue, Dr. Gunn worked as a NASA computer scientist and engineer. Today, she educates the public about issues in science and technology on NPR’s nationally-syndicated “Tech Nation” and “BioTech Nation” radio programs – and she’ll be talking with HighEdWeb next. Hear more from Dr. Gunn via her TEDx PurdueU talk.

(And don’t forget, there’s also our Wednesday keynote with Chris Hardwick — aka @nerdist — to which to look forward, too!)

Don’t delay; register today!

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HighEdWeb 2014 announces Wednesday keynote: Chris Hardwick (aka @Nerdist)

Chris Hardwick, @NerdistHighEdWeb 2014 is pleased to announce that Chris Hardwick, CEO of Nerdist Industries – also known in certain (very social, very popular) circles as The Nerdist – will deliver the Annual Conference’s closing keynote address on Wednesday, October 22.

Save $125 by registering by July 31!

Points about @Nerdist

Chris Hardwick is a chart-topping podcaster, television personality, stand-up comedian contributor for Wired magazine and creative head/CEO of the multi-platform media behemoth known as Nerdist Industries.

Nerdist channels include:

He shares his humorous take on social media, technology and all things nerdy as the host of Comedy Central’s “@Midnight” and AMC’s “The Talking Dead,” and will bring that perspective to the HighEdWeb stage in October.

About HighEdWeb

HighEdWeb is the annual conference of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, created by and for all higher education Web professionals—from programmers to marketers to designers to all team members in-between—who want to explore the unique Web issues facing colleges and universities.

P.S. HighEdWeb is the conference created by and for YOU, so come be a volunteer at HighEdWeb 2014 and help us make #heweb14 magic happen! Want to learn more and tell us how you can help out in Portland? Read on.

HighEdWeb 2012 Keynote: Adam Savage

Photo of Adam SavageHighEdWeb is very pleased to announce the 2012 Annual Conference keynote speaker: Mr. Adam Savage — artist, teacher, lecturer, builder, creator and, of course, co-host of the popular Mythbusters television show. Mr. Savage will join us in Milwaukee at HighEdWeb 2012 for a candid discussion about trying new things, innovation, success, failure and all things in-between.

Adam Savage was born in New York City in the summer of 1967. The child of a psychotherapist and a filmmaker/painter, raised north of the city in Sleepy Hollow, he showed an early penchant for science classes, art classes, the drama club, and elaborate school pranks–though not necessarily attended to in that order. His young adult years took him back in New York City, working variously as a projectionist, photo developer, graphic designer, assistant animator, set designer, gallery owner, actor, sculptor, and prop-maker.

In the summer of 1990, he turned west to San Francisco and fell into its thriving theater scene, working for dozens of companies as a set designer, prop maker, art director, scenic painter, rigger, master carpenter and producer. In Northern California’s hub of the machine art community Adam’s skill arsenal grew — he welded, fooled with pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, and picked up some rudimentary machining techniques at Amorphic Robot Works, building robotic animals, music-playing robots, climbing robots — even a robotic opera.

During these years he was also sculpting and exhibiting his sculpture in 50-plus solo and group shows around the country. This quirky mix of artistic, theater-design and mechanical skills left Adam with a reputation for solving difficult mechanical set problems for theaters. And that eventually caught the eye of the special effects industry. Starting in commercials, he built and rigged props and set pieces for over 150 commercials, with clients as diverse as Sega, Coca-Cola, Nike, Burger King and Chevrolet. He built the props for and art-directed a Coca-Cola commercial which was then nominated for a Clio award.

He left special effects for 18 months to head R&D for a small startup toy company, ZOOB–creators of ZOOB, the building toy. There he oversaw product development, merchandising and package design, as well as trade-show design and implementation. From the toy world he moved again toward special effects– this time to George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, where we worked on Star Wars, Episodes 1 and 2, Galaxy Quest, Space Cowboys, A.I., Terminator 3, The Mummy, and over a dozen commercials. Between stints at ILM he worked in the prop department for Disney on Bicentennial Man, and as a model-shop supervisor on the two Matrix sequels. During this time he also taught Advanced Model-making and Problem Solving for five semesters at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.

In the spring of 2002, his old boss Jamie Hyneman called Adam to ask if he’d like to participate in a demo reel for a TV pilot– a new show for the Discovery Channel called Mythbusters. The show aired in January of 2003 with Adam and Jamie as its hosts. It was picked up by Discovery three weeks later. Eight years later, it remains one of the network’s highest rated shows. Mythbusters’ 160-and-counting episode hours have tackled over 750 myths and performed nearly 2,500 experiments. Adam and Jamie travel the country to corporate events, museums, and colleges, for groups as small as 20 and as large as 20,000, telling tales of experiments, explosions and hijinks.

Adam has multiple hobbies and is passionate about restoring his vintage four-wheel drive vehicle, and researching and accruing new pieces for his movie prop collection. But his true love is his family. He lives with his wife, twin boys, and their two amazing dogs.

The 2010 Keynotes: And now for something completely different

As I think we all can agree, 2009 was a … “challenging,” let’s say, year for HighEdWeb keynote/featured presentations. Though one of our 09 featured presentations was very well received (nice work, Jared Spool!), the other featured presentation ended up being a rather bad fit for the conference. Both during and after that second keynote, we received a lot of feedback regarding what our community is hoping to see in a featured presentation. All we can say is: we heard you. We heard you when you asked for noted experts in the latest Web-based issues. We heard you when you said you really wanted at least one of the keynotes to be very centered on specific higher education Web issues (versus more overall Web practices). And we heard you when you said, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if the keynote was one of our own, a member of the #heweb community?!”

So, this year, as we prep for HighEdWeb 2010 in Cincinnati, we’re trying something new. We’re still having two post-lunch features but we think you’ll like the direction we’re taking things.

Tuesday Featured Presentation: Steve Krug

As we’ve already announced, on Tuesday, October 12 our featured post-lunch presenter will be Steve Krug, noted author of Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, now in its second edition with over 200,000 copies in print. His new book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems, explains how everyone can-and should-be doing their own usability testing. Steve’s books are based on 20 years of experience as a usability consultant for a wide variety of clients like Apple, Bloomberg.com, Lexus.com, NPR, the International Monetary Fund, and many others.

Steve is no stranger to HighEdWeb – he has attended and presented at the conference before, and we’re very pleased to welcome him back.

Monday Featured Presentation:  The Red Staplers

It’s the feature for Monday, October 11 that takes a little turn for the new and different. We’re pleased to announce that the featured post-lunch presenter isn’t really a single presenter but is, instead, what we’re calling the Red Stapler Mini-Track. Several past HighEdWeb “Best of Track” presenters will give special updated versions of their award-winning presentations, and attendees will be able to attend their session of choice! You won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to hear some of the best speakers in HighEdWeb’s history.

Currently confirmed for the Red Stapler Track:

  • Mark Greenfield: “Higher Ed Web Development Gets Flattened, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New World Order” (Red Stapler winner, 2007)
  • Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel: “SMO & SEO: Promoting your Website” (Red Stapler winner,2008)
  • Lori Packer: “Talking to Your Boss About Twitter…” (Red Stapler winner,2009)
  • Kyle James: “Hello, Is Anyone Out There? Using Web Analytics to Understand Your Audience” (Red Stapler winner, 2008)
  • Tony Dunn: “Maybe the Purpose of Our Redesign is Only to Serve as a Warning to Others” (Red Stapler winner, 2009)

More updates/additions on this special feature will be announced as details evolve, so please do stay tuned. Be sure to register for HighEdWeb 2010 soon to lock in early bird discount pricing, and to ensure that you won’t miss any of our great presentations for HighEdWeb pros.


Meet the Keynotes

The HighEdWeb conference will play host to two fantastic keynote speakers this year:

Jared SpoolJared Spool
If you’ve ever seen Jared speak about usability, you know he’s probably the most  effective communicator on the subject today. As the founder of User Interface Engineering, he’s been working in the field since 1978, before the term “usability” was associated with computers.

For Monday’s keynote — Cooking Up Gourmet User Experiences on a Fast-Food Budget —  Jared presents simple ways to gather information about your users, the tasks they are doing with your designs, and how well the designs meet their needs.

David Galper

David Galper
David is the founder of Ruckus Network, a legal digital entertainment service and social networking site for colleges and their students. David has helped companies conceive, develop, launch, and market highly viral products.

Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, David was a Consultant at Arthur D. Little in the Technology & Innovation Management Group, and worked with DEKA Research to develop the first markets for the Segway Human Transporter.

Check out the HighEdWeb 2009 site for more updates on this year’s program, and don’t forget to register before the early bird deadline (August 31st).


Some thoughts on Veen

A few short months ago, I attended the WebVisions conference in Portland Oregon. After two intensive days of workshops and lectures, Jeffrey Veen was scheduled to give the closing keynote concerning “data visualization”. By this point, I must admit that I was feeling exhausted and at the point of saturation. As Veen entered the room, I snuck a quick look at my watch. It was going to take a lot to get my attention.

His keynote would become the highlight of an already spectacular conference.

Now… I don’t want to give away too much in case he decides to visit some of the same topics at HighEdWeb. Instead, I would like to highlight some of the qualities that make Veen a great presenter:

Continue reading Some thoughts on Veen

HighEdWeb is Pleased to Announce …

. . . . the HighEdWeb 2008 conference featured speakers: Jeffrey Veen, one of the founding partners of Adaptive Path and project lead for Measure Map; and Kyle Ford, director of product marketing at Ning, Inc., and previously the associate product manager at Yahoo! Inc. We are thrilled that they will each be presenting to the assembled conference, and look forward to learning with them this fall. Be sure to reserve your spot to hear Veen and Ford by registering today for HighEdWeb 2008: Infinite Solutions.