HighEdWeb Board of Directors: Nomination Form

HighEdWeb Board of Directiors: Nomination Form

Thank you for your interest in nominating a candidate for the HighEdWeb Board of Directors. You may nominate yourself or another HighEdWeb member. New Board members are selected based on a number of criteria. Please know that we are looking for “best-fit” candidates: we will evaluate nominees based on their overall strengths, understanding that no one nominee may perfectly meet all of the below. All nominees are reviewed by an independent nominations committee before being voted on by the current Board.

A nominee must:

  • Be an active Professional-level member of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, or be willing and eligible to become an active member in that category.
  • Be currently employed in a Web-related field at a higher education institution.
  • Have volunteer experience with HighEdWeb (as a presenter, committee member, etc.).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of established Web standards, best practices and tools.
  • Look to take a leadership role in both HighEdWeb and in the Web profession as a whole.
  • Preferred: Has previous committee experience, particularly that of serving on a governing body such as a Board of Directors or Advisory Council.

Nomination Process

You may nominate yourself and supply us with the required information, or you may nominate someone else and we will contact them for their acceptance of the nomination and further details. Nominations will close on March 23, 2018. Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

  • If not same as Nominee
  • If not same as Nominee

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