HighEdWeb Regional Application

HighEdWeb is adjusting our Regional Conference model to make our content, and our community, more accessible to higher ed professionals around the country.

The new HighEdWeb Regional event format would look something like this:

  • Two- to three-hour “meetup”, hosted at or near a university or college
  • One to two hours would be reserved for networking with other HighEdWeb professionals coming in from campuses and organizations within a short drive to the event.
  • A one-hour (or less!)  presentation from a speaker or panel of speakers would address  a topic relevant to our HighEdWeb community — from technology to strategy to professional growth, and beyond.

And of course, HighEdWeb will provide organizational resources and support, including:

  • A custom web page  hosted on highedweb.org with all your event details, along with an online registration process for participants.
  • Sponsorship to cover light refreshments during the event.
  • Marketing support to share  your meetup with  HighEdWeb members in the area, including a suggested communication schedule and templated materials to make publicizing your event much easier.

This is where you come in: we want YOU to host a HighEdWeb meetup in 2017! Please complete the form below to start the process of hosting a HighEdWeb meetup and our regional support team will be in touch shortly with more information.


  • Geographic location for meetup. For promotional purposes.
  • Preferred location for meetup
  • Second-choice location for meetup
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    This is your ideal date for the event.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    This should be a second date that the venue is open in case of a conflict.
  • Individuals (about four) should be on board to manage venue, food, speakers and promotion.
  • Give us about 500 words why you think your area could support a regional meetup - as well as the HighEdWeb goal to expand its reach into new areas.

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