Regional Conferences

HighEdWeb has instituted a model based on the “meetup.” Event proposers would have the opportunity to utilize HighEdWeb branding for a local meeting that meets the following requirements:

  • Two- to three-hour event, hosted at a university or college, or external to the affiliated institution
    • No fee for space reservation
  • Series of up to 25 HighEdweb Regional meetups during the year
  • Agenda would focus on networking time and one main presentation
  • Speaker or speakers to require no travel reimbursement

These requirements are simple, and we hope they will allow more individuals to host events and attend them. They will bring our regional model closer to accomplishing our original goals for the system of smaller conferences:

  • Acquainting new individuals with the benefits of involvement with HighEdWeb
  • Giving unexperienced presenters the opportunity to practice
  • Providing continuing education at a reasonable cost for more individuals

We will still create a forum for our community to engage – possibly in greater numbers and in more locations.

Apply to host a regional meetup

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