HighEdWeb is pleased to introduce … LINK

From Laura Kenyon, Publisher:

One of the best parts about attending HighEdWeb conferences – aside from the Wii competitions – are the jolts of inspiration they provide.

“Wow, you can make a campus map look that good with Google maps?”
“Hey, I can do usability testing!”
“OMG, they built an effective and fun social media strategy around a cardboard cut-out of a squirrel!”

HighEdWeb conferences provide countless opportunities to spark new ideas for your college or university and give each of us a great way to increase professional knowledge.Link Journal Logo

And today, HighEdWeb is introducing a new way to access those opportunities all year round with Link: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals. Link publishes quality-content created by and for higher ed web professionals in a way that’s both informative and fun.

In Link’s debut issue, you’ll:

  • Learn how to incorporate student voices into your social media strategy (“Engaging Ambassadors”)
  • Explore what it’s like to move from higher ed to the corporate world – and back (“Skywalkering It”) ,
  • Find out Jared Spool’s opinion on the latest usability trends, and Julia Child (Six Questions with Jared Spool)
  • Take a sneak peek into the work world of Lori Packer, Web Editor for the University of Rochester (Workplaces Revealed)

Link will cover topics ranging from applications and standards to social media to design to programming, so whether you’re a web developer, social media expert or marketing manager, there will be something for you.

If we could bottle the energy of a HighEdWeb conference and share it with as many people as possible, we would. Short of that, we’re hoping we can imbue the pages of Link with a little of that spirit. You can help. Comment on our articles. Give us feedback. And most of all, contribute. Have a great idea for an article? We want to hear it. Want to write an article? Better still!

We hope you enjoy reading, sharing and contributing to Link! And, don’t forget: we’ll be sharpening our Wii skills for Austin.

(A note from the HighEdWeb Association: Please join us in congratulating the very talented staff of LINK for all of their hard and outstanding work on this launch.  Truly, you are great examples of the best of us higher ed Web pros.  Thank you.)