Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Higher Education Web Professionals Association supports the equity and inclusion of individuals with disabilities for whom reasonable accommodations will be provided.

“Reasonable accommodations” may include: assistive listening devices, alternative formats, and sign language interpreters. Disability accommodations at a given event require a minimum of three weeks’ prior notice to the Association via that event’s organizing committee.

Conference Facilities

It is the Association’s policy to select conference facilities that meet at least the minimum of accommodations based on criteria set forth by the ADA. These accommodations include, but are not limited to: accessible entrances, accessible restrooms, seating to accommodate wheelchairs, etc.

For onsite aural and visual assistance, please communicate your needs with the event’s conference committee so we can fulfill the request adequately.

Post-Conference Assets on the Web

Presentations at the conference may be recorded and posted on the conference website for use after the conference. It is Association policy that alternative, accessible formats accompany multimedia content at the time presentation audio and/or video files are provided.

For more information about this policy please contact

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