2014-16 Strategic Plan

HighEdweb strives to advance web professionals, technologies and standards in higher education. Learn more about HighEdWeb, including our purpose statement and core values.

Vision statement

HighEdweb will be the premier international community of diverse web professionals in higher education that’s strategically positioned to deliver value and standards through training and resources, and by fostering connections among its growing community and membership.


HighEdweb is strong and growing. The most visible asset of HighEdweb is the Annual Conference and its role in connecting and educating web professionals on how best to use and advance the web as a strategic asset for their institutions and organizations.

Strategic focus areas

The HighEdWeb Strategic Plan focuses on three strategic areas for 2014-16: premier, community and service.


As a growing organization we will focus on going from good to great. Formalizing and evolving our organizational practices, as well as expanding our brand credibility across our stakeholders, will support our efforts in getting to premier.

Goal: Organizational development

  • Formalize decision making process.
  • Establish Board development plan and develop succession plan.
  • Develop communication plan.
  • Define growth plan for Association.
  • Define a staffing plan.


We will lean in on our core strength of bringing people together and put increased focus on building our professional community. Being purposeful about diversity and identifying what roles we all can play will increase the overall impact HighEdWeb can have in higher education and in return what benefits members can realize.

Goal: Purposeful diversity

  • Develop diversity plan for Association.

Goal: Community contributions

  • Encourage contribution from the community.
  • Establish membership expectations of service.
  • Foster strong program/incentives/recognitions

Goal: Advance membership

  • Develop membership advancement plan.
  • Define benefits based on community need.
  • Define membership growth plan.


Our mission aims to serve, and we will continue our drive toward advancing web professionals. Putting increased focus on the Association being advocates for web professionals in higher education and elevating our program strategy, both at the conference but also with a yearlong view, will move the dial on how we serve the higher educational web professional community.

Goal: Improve professional development offerings

  • Adopt an Annual Conference strategic plan.
  • Adopt a Regional Conference strategic plan.

Goal: Implement a master programming plan

  • Plan for measurability.
  • Analyze programming.
  • Provide year-long programming.

Goal: Advance and advocate for the web professional

  • Establish and promote HighEdWeb members as subject matter experts.
  • Publish white papers and promote best practices.

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