On Carolina, Conferences & Cancellations

A core part of HighEdWeb’s mission is to provide outstanding professional development to Web pros working in higher education. We are committed to providing the highest possible quality experience to our members – both those attending our events, and those who are the volunteer army that makes HighEdWeb the premier Association by and for Web professionals. We get to do this in several ways, including through our Academies, our Annual Conference, and our Regional Conferences.

We recently canceled our upcoming regional conference in South Carolina. We know this is disappointing; the scheduled speakers and keynote were absolutely top-notch and best-in-field – as we’ve rightly come to expect from our community. A number of folks have asked why we made the decision to cancel, and frankly, it was a hard call to make. But sometimes in the course of planning events, factors beyond our immediate control – jobs, commitments, venues, staffing — change unexpectedly. And sometimes, very rarely (like, “sighting-a-unicorn-picking-four-leaf-clovers-under-a-blue-moon” rarely), a kind of perfect storm happens, and we realize we would rather take the hit and call an event off rather than even slightly entertain the remotest possibility of providing a less-than-excellent experience.

Which all goes to say, we’re sorry that we had to cancel but we appreciate your understanding. All those registered to attend the SC Regional are getting full refunds immediately; please contact us ASAP if you have any questions or concerns as we go through that process. We hope you’ll consider the three Regional Conferences scheduled for later this spring (Detroit; Ithaca; Tuscaloosa), as well as our big Annual Conference this October in Milwaukee.  And we’ll do our best to keep the unicorns distracted until then.

Questions or concerns? Drop me a line: president@highedweb.org

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Colleen Brennan-Barry

Colleen Brennan-Barry (@ColB) is president of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, serves on the conference committee for the HighEdWeb Annual Conference, and is the Assistant Director in charge of Web Communications at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY.