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Program Track Preview: Marketing, Management, and Professional Development

Continuing our series of conference program previews, today it’s time to take a closer look at the Marketing, Management, and Professional Development track — MMP in your program (#1 in your hearts).

Meet the MMP Track Chairs

  • Steve Lewis (@stebert): Though this is his first stint chairing a program track, Steve has been involved in HighEdWeb for many years now – serving as the conference co-chair during HighEdWeb’s stint in Rochester and as president of the HighEdWeb Professionals Association. In his day job, Steve is the Web manager / information security coordinator at The College at Brockport, State University of New York.
  • Lori Packer (@LoriPA): Lori is the Web editor at the University of Rochester, and has served on the HighEdWeb conference committee for five years. During the conference you can usually find her untangling neck wallets at the registration desk or searching for coffee. This year she’ll need the caffeine even more as she serves on both the conference and program committees.

Tell Us A Little About the MMP Track

The sessions in the Marketing, Management, and Professional Development track address both the goals and the processes involved in the Web development projects we all work on every day. From presenting a unified brand, to organizing and managing a Web office; from planning strategically and measuring success, to just surviving your next redesign: the MMP track offers something for anyone who’s had to take a Web project from concept to implementation.

Why Should Attendees Come to Your Track’s Sessions?

Because MMP rocks, that’s why! Because graduate school is too expensive (see The Case for Professional Development ). Because you don’t want to grow pointy hair when you become the boss.

Anything Special You Want Attendees to Know About Your Track

If you’re the “Web person” in your university’s marketing or PR office, or the “big picture guy” in the IT or Web Services shop, this track is for you. Plus, we’re both program committee newbies this year, so the tack will be flush with naïve enthusiasm – which can make a refreshing change.


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About Lori Packer

Lori Packer (@LoriPA) serves on the program committee for the annual HighEdWeb conference, and is the Web Editor at the University of Rochester.

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One Response to Program Track Preview: Marketing, Management, and Professional Development

  1. Um, what if you already are the boss? And I’m just trying to hold on to my hair — I’d take pointy in a heartbeat. I’m also trying to let some very talented and enthusiastic staff push our communications into the forefront of current (and developing) technology while pretending that I still know something about the communications biz. Please tell me that I will be oh-so-happy to have made this trip.