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Reason 5 to Present at #heweb09

stapler1The Red Stapler of Fame
The best presenters of the conference (as determined by attendee feedback and ranking) are rewarded with the coveted Red Swingline Stapler, which you may display proudly on your desk as a symbol of your mastery of both Web development and nineties cult comedies.

The deadline is May 15; submit your presentation proposal at http://2009.highedweb.org/.


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About Lori Packer

Lori Packer (@LoriPA) serves on the program committee for the annual HighEdWeb conference, and is the Web Editor at the University of Rochester.

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2 Responses to Reason 5 to Present at #heweb09

  1. I imagine there is no need for any presentations on social media tools and technology as that horse has probably been beaten? What are some suggestions for presentations that are needed? Or is social media still a topic of interest?

    • Colleen says:

      Mike — replied a bit on Twitter, but it’s easier to talk in detail when 140 char. isn’t the limit! The social media tools and tech topic HAS been addressed a lot, but I would have to say that, personally, I’m always looking for the latest and greatest: how are people putting a new spin on an older medium? What unique, innovative uses are appearing? What new, emerging tech had really useful purpose for higher ed folks? So I don’t think it’s a dead topic, just one that now we want to look into more in depth.

      Other topic suggestions we’ve heard include policy creation, managing online branding, dealing with multimedia (particularly video and audio), how to target the constantly-moving SEO bullseye, the impact of the move to mobile devices (both personally and as institutions make them standard equipment for students) … there’s a lot out there to consider, and I hope you’ll propose a suggestion of your own for #heweb09.