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A message and request from the HighEdWeb President


After a very successful conference and the expansion of the board we are moving forward on defining membership. To that end we will be posting a survey asking you, the Web professional, what is most valuable to you as membership benefits. Please give this some thought. As soon as the Web based survey is ready it will be announced here and via our e-mail list. It would greatly appreciated if you all took the time to tell us what you think. From that the board will move forward on defining membership levels and benefits. Please be assured that we will define membership in ways that make it affordable and beneficial to all of you and to your institutions.

The Treasurer

As we are growing, our fiscal responsibilities grow also. We have sufficient reserves to move forward expanding into to new services and projects. However, with this growth comes responsibility. Currently, one person, Steve Lewis, holds the job of Secretary/Treasurer. Steve has done a wonderful job of stewarding our increasingly complex finances and making them understandable to the board and conference committee.

As the responsibilities have increased the treasurer’s job has become a strain for one person to do along with a second position and a full time job. The board is looking to split the two jobs. We are looking for a person to join the board and assume the treasurer responsibilities.

Ideally this would be a Web professional who also has experience as a treasurer managing a fairly large budget and the audit and reporting responsibilities of a non-profit. However, our bylaws allow us to select a non-web professional if need be. We use Quickbooks for non-profits software. Experience with that would be helpful but we have training available from our auditor’s firm. The job would be transitioned over time so that the candidate would have time to become familiarized with our needs.

This is a board position and bears the responsibilities that come with the position. I can provide detail on the time commitment involved. If you are such a person or know a Web professional who is, please contact me and I would be glad to have a preliminary discussion. I can arrange further discussions with Steve and the board as needed.

Thank you

Dale B. Grady, President

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