HighEdWeb 08 Podcasts (Best of)

Each year the conference attracts some of the best and brightest to speak on the topics that concern web professionals working in all levels of higher education. This year, we have a whole new way to show off the high caliber of professionals that chose to present — Podcasts.

In this first installment, we are presenting the 5 sessions that won “best of” for each track:

APS8: Hello, Is Anyone Out There? Using Web Analytics to Understand Your Audience (transcript)

MMP8: Getting Them to the Table, and Keeping Them There: Campus Web Redesigns (transcript)

SAC1: It Isn’t About the Feature Set: Selecting a Web Content Management System that Works for You (transcript)

TPR3: Cross-Site Scripting: What is it, and how can you protect your site from becoming a victim? (transcript)

UAD5: The Accessible Video Interface (transcript) Continue reading HighEdWeb 08 Podcasts (Best of)

Help Direct the Future of HighEdWeb

Hello HighEdWeb professionals around the world –

The future of our professional association looks bright. We just wrapped up our annual conference in Springfield, Missouri, where over 400 fellow professionals gathered from at least three countries and 40 U.S. states to share countless solutions with each other. That doesn’t count people following us via #heweb08 on Twitter. (A special thanks to Sara Clark at Missouri State and her team for pulling together such a great conference, the entire program committee and our many presenters for such a great program.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing friends old and new in Milwaukee in 2009. Planning is already underway.

But there’s more to professional associations than national conferences, blogs and e-mail lists; and we certainly have some ideas. However, we want your feedback — and your help.

We’ve constructed an online survey full of our ideas for future projects we could begin under the HighEdWeb umbrella — or should I say globe? We hope you’ll tell us what you think. Feel free to drop us anonymous feedback via the survey, or signed feedback by e-mail or comments to the blog post.

We want this to be your association, and we want to start new projects that are to your greatest benefit. And we hope you’ll help us out along the way as we try to turn these ideas into realities.

So please give us a few minutes and take our survey now, and help us steer the great ship that is HighEdWeb over its next few years.

More to come.

-Steve Lewis
President, HighEdWeb
@stebert on Twitter

Conference Podcasts

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association strives to provide exceptional service to all higher education web professionals. To that end, we recently recorded the HighEdWeb 2008 track and keynote presentations with the intention of branching out into podcasting conference sessions. We also started the process of transcribing this content for captioning, with a goal to release the completed transcripts as soon as possible.

We launched the intial, basic set of “best of track” podcasts within a week of the conference in order to meet growing attendee demand; however, this rollout proved to be premature, so we have removed the podcasts temporarily. We will re-post the optimized, finished files in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your patience, and please check back for updates on this process.

HighEdWeb 08 Presentation Materials Now Available!

And so, as we consign another HighEdWeb to the record books, we want to thank all of the 400+ Web professionals who came together this week — both in person in Springfield, M.O., and via tools like Twitter — to share ideas and infinite solutions. We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again next year in Milwaukee for HighEdWeb 09!

As you go back to your own institutions filled with great ideas, feel free to get a refresher by checking out presentation slides and materials on the HighEdWeb site. Just visit the “Schedule” page and click individual session titles to see descriptions, presenter info and links to materials.

We also recorded many of the presentations and will be launching the first HighEdWeb podcasts very soon! Keep an eye out for more information coming your way.

Thanks again to all who were part of HighEdWeb 08; we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

– colleen
conference committee

Getting Ready for HighEdWeb 08

We’re just a few short days away until the conference (wow!), so as you start packing for Springfield, be sure to take care of a few details first

** If you haven’t already, be sure to join the HighEdWeb 2008 Conference Community on Ning, where you can get regular updates, join in discussions and chat with fellow attendees.

** Start following the HighEdWeb Twitter stream (username = HighEdWeb; topic = #heweb08), for fast updates and news items.

** Go to Ning and add topics you would like to discuss at HighEdWeb 08. We’ll

** Sign up to compete in the first HighEdWeb Guitar Hero Championship! You can throw your hat into the ring via Ning or by e-mailing frommelt@uwplatt.edu. As they say, “To the victor goes the spoils,” and let me tell you, the Championship prizes are really great!

We’ll see you in just a few short days. And now, it’s Springfield, M.O. and HighEdWeb 08 or bust!

HighEdWeb 08 Registration Ends TOMORROW 9-23

Attention, all friends & colleagues who have yet to register for HighEdWeb 08: conference registration ends tomorrow, Sept. 23. If you’re planning on coming to M.O. in just under two weeks, please be sure to register today.

If you’ve already registered, we’re looking forward to seeing you! We have a few things you can do to prepare for the conference:

  • Start following HighEdWeb on Twitter. This will be one of the main pre- and during-conference channels for communication.
  • Sign up for the HighEdWeb 08 Ning Community. We’ll also be using this space for official attendee news, updates, etc., so be sure to sign up and be ready for HighEdWeb 08!