What browsers do students use?

Campus Technology recently published the results of a survey of traditionally-aged College students as to their Browser preferences.

Looking at the Web hits on my campus from our residence halls, it looks like IE has a lock with over 61% of browsers (majority IE7), with various flavors of Firefox taking most of the rest.

This is actually a little stronger preference for IE than I see on the server as a whole.

What are others’ experiences?

I grant that asking individuals is a little different from looking at actual hits or usage, but it is an interesting comparison. After all, I wouldn’t be surprised if some didn’t even know their Web browser. They might just think of it as “this is the icon I click to get to the Internet”.

-Steve Lewis
Board, Conference Committee

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Steven Lewis

Steve Lewis (@stebert) is a past president of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, sits on both the conference committee for the the annual conference, and is Web manager/information security coordinator for The College at Brockport.