Flickr and at HighEdWebDev 2007

The conference is just a few short days away — registration opens Sunday — and we’re so excited about all of the amazing presentations, posters and events that you’ll be attending. Last year, you all took a lot of great conference photos and posted them to Flickr; you also shared some great resources via This year we hope you do it again! Take those photos, share those articles and resources — to help, have some tags for you already that we hope you’ll use.

Flickr tag: highedwebdev2007 tag: highedweb

See you this weekend in Rochester, NY!

– col
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Colleen Brennan-Barry

Colleen Brennan-Barry (@ColB) is president of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, serves on the conference committee for the HighEdWeb Annual Conference, and is the Assistant Director in charge of Web Communications at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY.