UPDATE: Virginia Tech Presentation

As you know, we at HighEdWeb are very excited that on Tuesday, Oct. 16, we will be offering a special conference presentation, The Tragedy at Virginia Tech: Crisis Communications on the Web, by Michael Dame, director of Web communications at Virginia Tech.

Please note: If you are registered for the HighEdWebDev 2007 conference, you are already registered for the Virginia Tech luncheon/presentation! You don’t need to do anything further — this presentation is included in your conference registration.

ps: I should note that we did open this presentation up for colleagues who are not attending the full conference but are interested in attending JUST the VT session— and anyone who wants to attend just the Virginia Tech session (not the whole conference) does need to register for the luncheon event. The rest of you HighEdWebDev 2007-ers are already all set with your full conference registration.

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Colleen Brennan-Barry (@ColB) is president of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, serves on the conference committee for the HighEdWeb Annual Conference, and is the Assistant Director in charge of Web Communications at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY.