What browsers do students use?

Campus Technology recently published the results of a survey of traditionally-aged College students as to their Browser preferences.

Looking at the Web hits on my campus from our residence halls, it looks like IE has a lock with over 61% of browsers (majority IE7), with various flavors of Firefox taking most of the rest.

This is actually a little stronger preference for IE than I see on the server as a whole.

What are others’ experiences?

I grant that asking individuals is a little different from looking at actual hits or usage, but it is an interesting comparison. After all, I wouldn’t be surprised if some didn’t even know their Web browser. They might just think of it as “this is the icon I click to get to the Internet”.

-Steve Lewis
Board, Conference Committee

Rochester, Here We Come!

Just a few days are left until the start of HighEdWebDev 2007, and we’ve added a few notes for attendees about travel and the conference … check out the website at http://www.highedweb.org/2007/travel.html for more. You should also be receiving an attendee email with this information.

Be sure to check back here for regular blog updates throughout the Conference. We’ll see you very, very soon!

– colleen
conference committee

Flickr and del.icio.us at HighEdWebDev 2007

The conference is just a few short days away — registration opens Sunday — and we’re so excited about all of the amazing presentations, posters and events that you’ll be attending. Last year, you all took a lot of great conference photos and posted them to Flickr; you also shared some great resources via del.icio.us. This year we hope you do it again! Take those photos, share those articles and resources — to help, have some tags for you already that we hope you’ll use.

Flickr tag: highedwebdev2007

del.icio.us tag: highedweb

See you this weekend in Rochester, NY!

– col
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UPDATE: Virginia Tech Presentation

As you know, we at HighEdWeb are very excited that on Tuesday, Oct. 16, we will be offering a special conference presentation, The Tragedy at Virginia Tech: Crisis Communications on the Web, by Michael Dame, director of Web communications at Virginia Tech.

Please note: If you are registered for the HighEdWebDev 2007 conference, you are already registered for the Virginia Tech luncheon/presentation! You don’t need to do anything further — this presentation is included in your conference registration.

ps: I should note that we did open this presentation up for colleagues who are not attending the full conference but are interested in attending JUST the VT session— and anyone who wants to attend just the Virginia Tech session (not the whole conference) does need to register for the luncheon event. The rest of you HighEdWebDev 2007-ers are already all set with your full conference registration.

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TODAY is your Last Day to Register for HighEdWebDev 2007!

Calling all HighEdWebDev-ites: TODAY, Oct. 1, is your last day to register for “HighEdWebDev 2007: Collaborate. Participate. Innovate.” This is it, your last chance to attend this great conference created by higher education Web professionals, for higher education Web professionals.

Get out there and register now to join us at HighEdWebDev as we work together, share ideas and generally just have an all-around great time.

We’ll see you in two weeks in Rochester, N.Y.!

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ps: Though general conference registration is ending today, once you’re registered for the conference you are still able to sign up for one of the pre- and post-conference workshops. Don’t miss out on this fantastic addition to an already-amazing conference!

Conference Registration Ending: T-Minus One Week & Counting

Early bird registration has ended, but that’s ok: you can still send in your registration for HighEdWebDev 2007: Collaborate. Participate. Innovate. However, there’s only one week left for general conference registration — register now so you don’t miss out on this great conference created by higher education web professionals, for higher education web professionals.

With five tracks, our annual poster session, and pre- and post-conference workshops (and over 100 total workshops & presentations from which to choose!), there is absolutely something for every higher education web professional. Whether you deal with Web tech, marketing or content or something in-between, this conference is a great opportunity to hear about the latest trends, gather fantastic ideas and inspirations, and meet other professionals with whom you can share knowledge and experiences.

Register today to beat the October 1 registration deadline, and we’ll see you in Rochester, N.Y. in just a few weeks!


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