The HighEdWeb conference is created just for higher education Web professionals. HighEdWeb is perfect for Web developers, marketers, designers, writers, managers and all team members in-between who want to explore the unique Web issues facing colleges and universities.

Annual Conference

HighEdWeb 2014: Oct. 19-22 in Portland, Oregon

Regional Conferences

HighEdWeb holds regional conferences across the U.S. Review this year’s locations.

Leadership Academy

HighEdWeb Leadership Academy is designed to broaden perspectives and advance the leadership abilities of Web professionals working in higher education. This intense program offers interactive learning experiences in a small group setting.

Past Conferences


HighEdWeb 2013

HighEdWeb Arkansas 2013

HighEdWeb West 2013

HighEdWeb Michigan 2013

HighEdWeb Florida 2013

HighEdWeb New England 2013


HighEdWeb 2012

HighEdWeb Leadership Academy 2012

HighEdWeb Arkansas 2012


HighEdWeb 2011

HighEdWeb Rochester 2011

HighEdWeb Arkansas 2011


HighEdWeb 2010

HighEdWeb Arkansas 2010


HighEdWeb 2009: Open. Connected.

HighEdWeb Missouri 2009

HighEdWeb Cornell 2009


HighEdWeb 2008: Infinite Solutions

HighEdWebDev 2007: Collaborate, Participate, Innovate

HighEdWebDev 2006: Collective Intelligence

HighEdWebDev 2005: Building Connections

HighEdWebDev 2004: Emerging Visions

Fourth Annual HighEdWeb 2003

WebDevShare 2003: Making Waves

Third Annual HighEdWeb 2002

WebDevShare 2002: Sharing Solutions

Second Annual HighEdWeb 2001

WebDevShare 2001: A Web Odyssey

First Annual HighEdWeb Conference, 2000

WebDevShare 2000: eVOLVE—rethink, rejuvenate, refine

WebDevShare 1999: New Horizons

WebDevShare 1998: Share a World of Information

WebDevShare 1997

WebDevShare 1996